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The Comeback of Masking Policies in Healthcare
Work From Home: A 21st Century Revolution
HICPAC Meeting Recap: Infection Control in Healthcare Guidelines
<strong>Clearing the Air: The Movement for HEPA Purifiers in Classrooms</strong>
Renewed Interest and Advocacy for Indoor Air Quality Measures and Building Codes in Response to Wildfire Smoke and COVID-19
Keep Masks in Healthcare
New Subvariant Arcturus: India and the World
US Announces Plan to End Declaration of COVID-19 Public Health Emergency
Revisiting COVID Safety in Schools: Paths to Safe Learning
The New XBB.1.5 Variant: What You Need to Know
The Importance of Clean Air
Join and Help Expand Our COVID-Conscious Community
The Importance of Clean Air: COVID Safety
How to Prepare for the Fall: COVID Safety
Monkeypox: What You Can Do to Stay Safe
BA.5 and the Risk of Infection
Stopping the Pandemic Requires All Hands on Deck
How to Protect Our Loved Ones from Infection
Special Issue: Monkeypox
Beginning to Grasp the Burden of Long Covid and it’s Impact on the Lives of Millions
Mounting Health and Economic Implications of the Pandemic
Special Edition: Pediatric Hepatitis
We Need a ‘Vaccines Plus’ Approach to Mitigation
Stronger Mitigation Measures Needed as Cases Continue to Rise
The Toll of Long Covid in the UK Reaches Staggering Proportions
COVID-19 Is Not Over: The World in the Wake of the BA.2 Wave
Health in War: Compassion for the People of Ukraine
COVID and the Brain
Herd Immunity Falls Off the Table
Stopping Variants Means Stopping Transmission
The Fierce Urgency of Now
Childhood Infection Is Underestimated and Preventable
Half the World Currently Winning Against COVID
This Is a Time to Be Careful
We Can Do Better Than Vaccine-Only Strategies
Omicron Is Dangerous Because It Is Fast

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Experts & Advisors Team

Bengt Nordén, PhD
Bengt Nordén, PhD
Professor of Physical Chemistry
Professor of Physical Chemistry, Chalmers University of Technology, Member of the Swedish Academy of Science
Stephane Bilodeau
Stephane Bilodeau
Chief Technology Officer of Smart Phases inc. and Co-Founder of, Ph.D. in Engineering.
Yaneer Bar-Yam
Yaneer Bar-Yam
Complex Systems Physicist
Founding president at NECSI. PhD in physics from MIT.
Jennifer Curtin, MD
Jennifer Curtin, MD
Chief Medical Officer and Cofounder, RTHM
Dr. Curtin is an internal medicine physician with expertise in diagnosing and managing infection associated...
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