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Mounting Health and Economic Implications of the Pandemic

Over 500 Cases of Pediatric Hepatitis in Multiple Countries Under Investigation


Originally reported in the UK, cases of acute severe liver inflammation have been detected in countries around the world, including Israel, India, U.S., the Netherlands, and more.  A few children have died and more have received liver transplants. While early reports suggested adenovirus infections might be the cause, such cases have not been seen before. A study from India has highlighted a link between hepatitis and COVID-19 in kids.  The detrimental impact of SARS-CoV-2 on liver function has been documented. Autoimmunity or vulnerability due to SARS-CoV-2, including vulnerability to adenovirus infections, is now being considered. Viral hepatitis types A, B, C, D, and E have not been detected in any of the children.

2-SIGN! this appeal for universal masking to CDC director Walensky led by’s Julie Lam, this letter addresses the risks of the most vulnerable.

Guidelines and resources for COVID-19 mitigation – (WHN + CAG)
Meet others safely via COVID Meetups! Now also with groups! – (WHN + CAG)


ECDC upgrades Omicron BA.4 and BA.5 to Variants of Concern status (Medriva)

Acquired Aplastic Anemia – a serious bone marrow disorder in otherwise immunocompetent children- developing in kids with asymptomatic COVID-19 (ASH Blood)

The pandemic is not over, “we are in the middle” of it, Fauci states: As COVID-19 cases continue to soar, New York issues mask advisoryschool in Indiana reinstates mask mandates, and schools in Maine close due to high infection rates in line with anticipated rise in hospitalizations and transmission during the month of May. (Multiple sources)

The White House warns about 100 million likely infections in the fall and winter (CNN)

As mitigations are lifted, America marks 1M COVID-19 deaths (The White House)

FDA declines authorization for Fluvoxamine for treatment of COVID-19 (FDA)

Hospitalizations for children ages 0-4 5 times higher during the Omicron outbreak compared to previous peak (CDC)

Children can suffer from Long Covid, too (CNN)

Bank of England shares alarm over growing economic burden with Long COVID putting a strain on the workforce (Bank of England)

Two years after infection, post-COVID019 symptoms remain a high burden (The Lancet)

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