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Ethics – WHN Code of Conduct

Individual and group members of WHN are expected to abide by the Values and Ethical Principles on which WHN was founded and under which it operates. 

Scientific position statements require evidence. CAG is the science arm of WHN and should be part of any conversation about scientific statements.

The goal and values of WHN include value for human life, livelihood and safety, including elimination of COVID. 

  • There will be differences and disagreements on the best ways to achieve this globally, nationally and regionally, 
  • Disagreements will be expressed respectfully and with openness to other opinions and strategies and the knowledge that there is more than one right way to achieve a goal. 
  • Social media are very powerful ways to express goals, strategies and ideas to many people quickly to galvanize support and action. Social media can also be damaging to individual, group and WHN’s reputation and credibility. Once something is out on social media, it cannot be taken back. Public attacks on groups and individuals are not acceptable.  
  • We do not tolerate confrontation within the network. We are working against COVID. There may be disagreements of opinion about details or strategies, but an attack of one group on another is counterproductive and we will have to exclude any individuals or groups that are attacking or undermining the effort of others. Where groups have had conflict before, they must affirm that they will follow these rules in future interactions. We join together on the common goal to save lives and health.
  • Personal communications between and among members is assumed to be confidential and not to be shared on social media unless stated otherwise by the sender. When in doubt, ask.

Members of WHN work together on projects to promote its mission across the globe. Sharing ideas, data, information, and successes is crucial to achieving this. 

  • Credit originators and contributors to programs and ideas in any publications and reports. 
  • Keep one another informed on updates, new efforts, changes to programs in different areas and conditions during domain, project and daily update meetings. 

Last reviewed on June 21, 2023

Together We Have the Power to Make a Difference

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