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The Importance of Clean Air

The continuing spread of COVID-19 is now compounded by unprecedented hard-hitting RSV and flu outbreaks. As cases surge pediatric hospitals and ICUs are overflowing. The CDC has made a new call for masking to reduce transmission and urges wide-spread vaccination. Major urban areas in the US are adopting new mask recommendations, which strengthen prevention by recommendations including testing and isolation. Indeed, many of the ways to protect from COVID also protect against RSV and the flu. There are things we can do right now to protect our children and communities: (1) Clean the air using HEPA purifiers or more affordable DIY Corsi-Rosenthal boxes in every room, as well as opening windows whenever possible, (2) Helping schools and places of work with clean air policies using HEPA purifiers and upgraded ventilation systems, (3) wearing a high-quality N95 mask while indoors and while outside in proximity to others, (4) avoiding shared public spaces, and (5) keeping vaccinations up to date, and (6) If you feel unwell or have been exposed to someone who tests positive, stay home, isolate and test multiple times. Join projects to promote clean air and safety from infection at WHN.

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musculoskeletal and nervous system and (4) digestive and respiratory system

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