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Health in War: Compassion for the People of Ukraine

Health During War

Compassion may require courage as well as force. The call to aid the people of Ukraine reflects the responsibility to uphold and improve human health in all its forms and for all persons.

That this war arrives during a global pandemic should not obscure the potential for that pandemic to increase an already unconscionable burden.  

We know that the outcomes of armed conflict and struggles of mass migration create extraordinary conditions that imperil the health of communities and infrastructures of health. Swift international cooperation can provide the supplies and support that are needed, where they are needed.

The collective imperative to protect against harm remains clear. A well-intentioned awareness of the causes and behaviors of disease can be one of many guides to successfully adapt our response to heal multiple adversities before or as they occur, and reaffirm our commitment to constructing a peaceful future.


Mask Guidelines

FAQ on Common Misinformation


Taiwan reports no new domestic COVID cases for first time in 2 months

One California University Has Unified Town and Gown to Fight Covid. Why Haven’t Others?

Hong Kong Crisis:
Hong Kong Hospital Authority urges understanding as shocking photo emerges of bodies stored on ward

Hong Kong: Omicron BA.2 with S:I1221T mutation designated BA.2.2

Carrie Lam Says HK Won’t Ease Travel Restrictions Till Covid Is Curbed 

Coronavirus Hong Kong: Carrie Lam signals major shift in fifth wave fight, vows to reduce deaths and severe cases 

Looking back to January 18: Community outbreak involving new highly transmissible Omicron sub-variant BA.2 may erupt in HK soon after Pakistani woman infected 9 others 

UPDATE—#BA2 is now 11.6% in US, up from 8.3% last week. It’s definitely increasing, as warned. #COVID19 still dropping, but BA2 is growing in underbelly—it’s a matter of when (not ‘if’) case drop plateaus, then reverses. Likely late April, early May 

Study shows continued face mask use offers economic benefits
The number of people who are out of the labor force with a disability is up nearly 1.3 million, from the summer of 2020 

Young People With Long COVID Share Their Experiences 

Tim Kaine, Virginia senator, says he has long Covid and introduces a bill to help those struggling with it 

I often wonder if people know the full list of things that makes someone at risk of severe outcomes from COVID.

I have a huge amount of time-sensitive work but instead I’m crying trying to craft a letter for parents of my kids’ classmates to make them care enough about my son’s extremely vulnerable Dad to have their kids continue to mask. I feel like vomiting. Literally. This is repugnant

For Those Who Are Immunocompromised, ‘Normal’ Isn’t Even Close 

How did this many deaths become normal? The U.S. is nearing 1 million recorded COVID-19 deaths without the social reckoning that such a tragedy should provoke. Why? 

US Department of Agriculture: National and local producers and suppliers should maintain online, home delivery and curbside pickup during regular times, and be prepared to increase and expand these services during times of a public health crisis or other disasters.

More than 50,000 students and staff at New Zealand’s schools and early learning services are isolating with Covid, the latest Ministry of Education data shows. 

Two years on, COVID-19 pandemic ‘far from over’
AMA statement on Administration’s test-to-treat COVID-19 plan “the pharmacy-based clinic component of the test-to-treat plan flaunts patient safety and risks significant negative health outcomes”

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