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Herd Immunity Falls Off the Table

New Variants: Omicron BA.2 is More Concerning Than Omicron BA.1


We need to stay ahead of the game by recognizing that new variants are already here.

The Omicron BA.2 subvariant is as different from BA.1 as Delta is from the original wild type strain, prompting concern. Cross immunity between BA.1 and BA.2 may be low – infection with one strain may not provide enough protection against the other, we need to plan ahead. 

It is essential that the world continues to collaborate to monitor new variants as they emerge, and continue measures that reduce transmission.

UK Health Security Agency risk assessment for SARS-CoV-2 variant BA.2 Source

Delta+Omicron recombination is a serious risk


Recombination is a process common to viruses that combines parts of variants to make new ones, allowing viruses to rapidly overcome protective barriers like vaccine and infection induced immunity.  

The Delta variant remains in circulation alongside Omicron. Considering the unprecedented massive number of infections globally, the possibility of the emergence of a recombinant super-mutant that demonstrates both the transmissibility of Omicron and the severity of Delta – or a so-called “Deltacron” strain – is significant.

What’s Endemicity Like? – Herd Immunity Falls Off the Table

Recent scientific studies show that herd immunity by infection is not a viable exit strategy even at the cost of mass death and disability: no place on earth has reached herd immunity by any combination of infections and vaccinations, against Omicron. People can be reinfected by Omicron after an Omicron infection (see figures below). A Vaccine+ strategy is a must.

Vaccinated, boosted individuals are (B) much less well protected from Delta than from WT (original variant), and (D) very poorly protected from Omicron infection.
Delta breakthrough infection provides significant protection from reinfection by Delta (top left), but provides little protection from Omicron infection (top right). Omicron infection does not protect from either Delta infection (bottom left), or – of critical importance – against reinfection by Omicron (bottom right). Figures source


University COVID Best Practices Winter/Spring 2022 – (WHN + CAG)



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Hundreds of scientists call on the UK government to remove bureaucratic and legal obstacles to vaccine production by low and middle-income countries. (Global Justice Now)


Coronavirus infections in truckers drive up vegetable prices in Hong Kong. (SCMP)

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