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Join and Help Expand Our COVID-Conscious Community

Dear Community,
Like many of you, in an effort to protect ourselves from COVID we are constantly in search of COVID-safe spaces. To help our community locate businesses that have safe measures in place, we are assembling a directory that is searchable by location on our Covid Meetups community page. We need your help!

If you are aware of any businesses that are taking COVID precautions, we would love for you to take a moment and add them here to our Covid Meetup’s Directory.

If you are not part of the Covid Meetups community but would still like to help, please feel free to add your suggestions to this list.

We very much appreciate you taking the time to share your local resources with the larger community. Together, we can help keep each other safer.

LISTEN!📢 Watch/listen to WHN’s Long COVID Symposium recording for discussions that examine the impact on patients, society, labor markets and productivity, and the future of our health.

SIGN!✍️ Sign the petition to require masks in all healthcare settings!


A multinational Delphi expert consensus to end the COVID-19 public health threat (Nature)
COVID is one of the leading causes of death in youth and children in the US (Preprint)
Paxlovid treatment within 5 days of COVID infection reduces the risk of long COVID by ~25%, long COVID related deaths by ~50% and hospitalizations by ~30% (Preprint)
French National Academy of Medicine makes recommendations for masking in indoor spaces (French National Academy of Medicine)
Supreme Court allows TSA to issue mask mandates (Forbes)
Recent survey reveals growing numbers of long COVID in the workplace: 40% percent of supervisors report they have supervised someone with lasting physical or mental challenges associated with COVID-19 (NPR)
Emerging variants successfully evade immune system detection and render available vaccines ineffective. A more encompassing mitigation approach is needed to curb transmission and its consequences (Preprint)
The highly transmissible BA.2.75 variant is more immune-evasive and can lead to more severe illness than prior variants of the Omicron family (Cell Host & Microbe)
SARS-CoV-2 can disrupt brain circuitry and damage connections between cells, contributing to cognitive impairment (Molecular Psychiatry)
Survey from Ireland highlights the vast socioeconomic burden of long COVID (Irish Examiner)
Lifting universal masking in schools led to a doubling of cases in students and staff — COVID-19 incidence among students and staff in Boston and suburbs (NEJM)

Ebola infects 6 schoolkids in Uganda as contagion fear grows (MSN)
Uganda to close schools early after eight children die of Ebola (Al Jazeera)