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WHN’s COVID Safer Provider Database

Welcome to the World Health Network’s (WHN) COVID Safer Provider Database, a tool to help people find healthcare providers implementing infection prevention practices to keep their patients safer from COVID and other airborne illnesses.

All users are welcome to use the database to (1) search for COVID safer healthcare providers in their area and (2) upload providers who they know are implementing infection prevention practices in their offices. The goal is to have as many providers uploaded as possible. Please contribute and share this tool. Every COVID safer provider added could save lives!

Please note: providers may change their infection prevention practices at any time after an entry is added to the database without WHN’s knowledge. We recommend contacting all providers before booking an appointment to verify and request specific protections and to ensure a provider is still practicing at the indicated location.

If you need help using the provider database you can visit the How to Use the Provider Database webpage.

You can input any of three fields (or even none of them) to make a search
You can also add a provider who's missing Add New Provider
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