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COVID and the Brain

COVID-19 Damages the Brain, and Alters the Mind

Reduced grey matter or increased tissue damage of COVID positive cases vs. healthy controls shown in blue, as measured across up to 46,743 scans from the UK Biobank library.

Unlike influenza and common colds, COVID-19 frequently impacts the human brain.  

We have two years of research showing damage to brain structures and altered neurochemistry associated with infection by SARS-CoV-2 across the full spectrum of severity. Among many possible manifestations, some include brain fog, cognitive decline, headaches, anxiety, depression, psychosis, encephalopathy, smell/taste disorders, movement disorders, encephalitis, aneurysm, stroke, and seizure.  

The neurocognitive and psychiatric sequelae of COVID-19 are undeniable. Because they can be delayed, chronic, and profoundly disabling, they are likely to multiply and prolong the negative consequences of the senseless herd immunity strategy. Their appearance and recognition underscores the necessity of adopting strategies that prevent transmission to protect against future harm.

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