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Long COVID Research Databank

Are you passionate about following the latest research on Long Covid? Are you inspired to help further public understanding of the risks of Long Covid on a global scale? The World Health Network and its partners are recruiting volunteers to join us in investing in a centralized research library on the long-term effects of SARS-CoV-2 infection. This Long Covid Research Databank will become an asset for WHN’s entire network of science and advocacy organizations, offering clearly summarized scientific findings in a format accessible to the general public.

It’s fantastic if you have scientific, medical, communications, or web design and development expertise to bring to the community, but all volunteers are welcome. We encourage all who are interested to join our effort regardless of background or how much time you have to contribute.

Studies and findings will be placed and stored on, a site that is now live and features up to date information on the effects of long COVID.

How it Works

Volunteers Submit Research

Volunteers submit new research to the Long Covid Research Databank, with each study receiving its own dedicated forum for relevant links, media references, excerpts, and a space for discussion.

Experts Review Studies

Medical and science experts review studies to vet the credibility of the research, summarizing the takeaway in a one-bullet format approachable for “laypeople” without scientific training.

Research Is Shared

Research summaries are published to a new website under development by the World Health Network once “cleared” by our triage and expert review teams — ready to be put to work in our advocacy to change what “living with Covid” safely looks like in the years ahead.

How to Participate

Ready to help us build this resource together? Share your contact information with us and we’ll reach out via email to introduce you to the World Health Network and discuss how you’d like to contribute to the Long Covid Research Databank. You can also ask questions prior to joining by contacting the project coordinator Greg Howard on Twitter.

Last reviewed on February 4, 2023
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