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Giving Thanks and Keeping Safe During The Holidays

We all want to celebrate the holidays normally, with our families and friends. But COVID-19 cases are rising, and gatherings of different households, especially indoors, are proven spreaders of the virus. According to the CDC, the lowest risk holiday activities are small dinners limited to household members only, and virtual gatherings with others. As COVID pandemic fatigue … Continued

Statement on Pandemic Response

Preamble We wish to ensure every person’s right to have the maximum possible and sustainable health in all countries, regardless of wealth, age, color, race, religion, or prior health condition. We should make the best effort to protect and care for all the people. A pandemic causes harm due to the risk and consequences of … Continued

Assessment of the Anti-COVID Strategy in France

The French have made great efforts over the past few months in the fight against COVID-19. We are even among the twenty or so countries that are champions of vaccination. The fact remains that we still do not know how to test-trace-isolate well and that we will probably not be able to get out of … Continued

Proposed Ventilation Requirements for Public Indoor Spaces

This document lays out proposed ventilation and air cleaning requirements for governments, businesses, and building operators. SARS-CoV-2 transmission is higher indoors than outdoors¹ and transmission is substantially reduced by indoor ventilation.² The failure to enhance ventilation and air cleaning puts the users of buildings at unnecessary risk.  1. Monitor CO2 levels: Measuring Carbon Dioxide (CO2) … Continued

Interview With Shu-Ti Chiou About Taiwan

After successfully eliminating the virus from its territory for many months, in May 2021, Taiwan faced a rapid resurgence in cases. The vaccine coverage rate was extremely low at that time. The health system was rapidly overwhelmed, and the case fatality rate reached one of the highest in the world. The alert level, after tremendous … Continued

Pandemic 2.0 – Where Do We Go From Here? The Delta Variant and the Young.

With the Delta variant becoming dominant globally, we need to change how we think about the properties and destructive potential of new virus variants. We need good policy decisions to ensure sufficient protection of our unprotected young, for health and for the economy. Throughout the pandemic, the daily number of infections, hospitalizations, and deaths from … Continued

COVID-19 Is Mysterious, but It Doesn’t Mean Humans Have No Control Over It

On Friday, July 30th, David Leonhardt in the New York Times “The Morning” wrote about how mysterious COVID-19 is. He emphasized  the “boom and bust” nature of waves, arguing that human behavior appears to make little difference. Certainly, there are mysteries to unravel surrounding COVID-19, some of which result from the intrinsic non-linear, exponential nature … Continued