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Is Omicron Mild?

Omicron is a much more rapidly spreading variant of SARS-CoV-2 that is causing a tsunami of cases in several countries, threatening health care systems and livelihoods. This variant has more mutations than any previous variant of concern...

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Statement on Pandemic Response


We wish to ensure every person’s right to have the maximum possible and sustainable health in all countries, regardless of wealth, age, color, race, religion, or prior health condition. We should make the best effort to...

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Warum man Covid ernst nehmen sollte

Covid ist eine schwere Krankheit - Eine Infektion mit diesem Virus kann schwerwiegende Folgen haben, einschließlich Krankenhausaufenthalt, Tod und Behinderung durch Long-Covid. Selbst so genannte "milde Fälle", bei denen kein...

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Statement of Scientific Facts

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Why COVID Matters

COVID is a Severe Disease - Infection with this virus can have serious consequences including hospitalization, death, and disability from long COVID. Even so-called “mild cases”...

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