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Spotlight: Safe Businesses

In our Spotlight Broadcast Series, we are highlighting businesses taking initiatives to ensure their customers and patients are safe from airborne pathogens.

Chrissy Misso – Chrissy’s Music Studio

Looking for music lessons? Chrissy Misso of Chrissy’s Studio in Rochester, MN joins us in our WHN Spotlight to discuss the precautions she takes for safer music lessons for children and adults.

Lisa Sharp – The Stress-Free Christmas Market

Lisa Sharp is the founder of the Stress-Free Christmas Market, a virtual Christmas market and community for those who want to celebrate the holiday while staying safe.

Kara Darling – COVID-Safe Complex Care

Kara Darling is the clinical administrator of Lighthouse Complex Care, a medical provider for special needs and complex conditions (autism, PANS/PANDAS, autoimmune, genetic, mitochondrial dysfunction, and more) with an office in Colorado and an office in Delaware. Kara describes the practical solutions Lighthouse Complex Care takes to ensure their practice is a safe environment for everyone.

Dr. Wayne G. Suway – COVID-Safe Dentist

Dr. Wayne G Suway is a dentist in Atlanta, GA, USA whose dental practice prioritizes the safety and well-being of his patients and staff. Dr Suway describes the practical solutions he’s used to make a safe environment.

Last reviewed on February 21, 2024

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