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WHN Science Communications is the official publication of the World Health Network dedicated to critical transdisciplinary material on the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Roadmap to Elimination

Roadmap to Eliminating COVID-19 in 5-6 Weeks Through the Zero COVID Strategy.


Towns, cities, provinces, and countries can eliminate coronavirus in 5-6 weeks through the Zero COVID strategy, even without the...

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Statement of Scientific Facts

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Why COVID Matters

COVID is a Severe Disease - Infection with this virus can have serious consequences including hospitalization, death, and disability from long COVID. Even so-called “mild cases”...

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Consensus Documents

The John Snow Memorandum calls for controlling community spread of COVID-19, allowing life to quickly return to near-normal. Dozens of countries are succeeding at containing COVID-19 already.

The case for No-COVID: “After more...

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Economic Guidance

The following articles and research papers provide an overview on the economic and business impact of the global COVID-19 pandemic.


How do I safely run my business during a pandemic?

How much has our economy been...

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