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WHN Science Communications is the official publication of the World Health Network dedicated to critical transdisciplinary material on the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Statement on Pandemic Response


We wish to ensure every person’s right to have the maximum possible and sustainable health in all countries, regardless of wealth, age, color, race, religion, or prior health condition. We should make the best effort to...

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Interview With Shu-Ti Chiou About Taiwan

After successfully eliminating the virus from its territory for many months, in May 2021, Taiwan faced a rapid resurgence in cases. The vaccine coverage rate was extremely low at that time. The health system was rapidly overwhelmed, and...

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A Successful Fall Requires Summer Action

(English translation of the German original)

The return to face-to-face teaching will only succeed if the three basic pillars of pandemic control are followed for the fall.The concept behind this is called "Vaccinate-PLUS".


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