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Interview With Shu-Ti Chiou About Taiwan

After successfully eliminating the virus from its territory for many months, in May 2021, Taiwan faced a rapid resurgence in cases. The vaccine coverage rate was extremely low at that time. The health system was rapidly overwhelmed, and...

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A Successful Fall Requires Summer Action

(English translation of the German original)

The return to face-to-face teaching will only succeed if the three basic pillars of pandemic control are followed for the fall.The concept behind this is called "Vaccinate-PLUS".


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Interview With Sunil Raina About India

CP: Until the surge last April, India was doing a good job of containing the epidemic. What was it doing right?

SR: I believe the most important thing India did right at the beginning was to impose a strict lockdown early on, when...

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Interview With Meir Rubin About Israel

CP: What brought the Wuhan outbreak to your attention so early on, when most of the world remained unaware of the danger? 

MR: It was no coincidence. At the time, I was deeply immersed in the study of possible threats the Israeli...

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