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Media Critique #1: White House Will End Most Covid Vaccine Mandates

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Leslie Chu, Heather Sue Rosen, Zoya Melkova, Kim Crawley, Melissa Smallwood, Yaneer Bar-Yam

About this article: The writers of this article, originally published in The New York Times, present the White House’s decision to end the vaccine mandates and the Public Health Emergency without fact checking the White House’s claims about the pandemic. Some claims are fundamentally unsupported by CDC data. The writers also cite a single “expert” from the medical community, implying wider agreement on ending COVID-19 vaccine mandates while ignoring other existing mandates. They use inflammatory language that unnecessarily promotes conflict around public health law and confound the ethical concerns at hand. These choices in reporting promote public complacency in the face of ongoing harm from disease. Note: the most accessible version of this article is in the downloadable PDF.


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Last reviewed on August 18, 2023

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