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Špela Šalamon, MD, PhD

Špela Šalamon, MD, PhD

Nuclear Medicine

Expert’s bio

Dr. Špela Šalamon (MD, PhD) is a Nuclear Medicine Specialist Physician and biomedical scientist, possessing an extensive background in clinical practice, university teaching and scientific research. She completed a MD in 2012, a PhD in complex disease genetics in 2021 and the National Board Examination in Nuclear Medicine in 2023. She has published several papers on the topics of cancer, oxidative metabolism and degenerative disease and has worked extensively as a peer reviewer. Her scholarly accomplishments are further recognized through awards such as the EU Human Capital Investment Operational Programme postgraduate scholarship and the Zois state merit scholarship for gifted students. Dr. Šalamon’s career is punctuated by her fervent commitment to public health and welfare, demonstrated through her prolonged volunteer work as a Volunteer Physician at Karitas, where she delivered critical diagnostics and treatment to at-risk patients without health insurance. As a volunteer Scientific Advisor for the World Health Network since May 2022, she has spearheaded curating and reviewing content for, contributed to global efforts in understanding and mitigating the impacts of COVID-19 and published several papers addressing the risks following COVID-19 infections, emphasizing the necessity for proactive health measures. In summary, Špela Šalamon represents a new generation of medical professionals who combine clinical excellence with a passion for public health, volunteering, digital health, and science communication. Her work across various platforms, especially in the face of global health challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic, positions her as a dynamic and impactful figure in the field of medical research and healthcare advocacy.

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