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Announcing: The World Health Network Creative Working Group

Many WHN members have creative talents and ideas for content that can help spread our message, and the Creative Working Group is where they team up to make those content ideas become a reality.  

Anyone can bring creative ideas, whether as part of an ongoing campaign or relevant to a major ongoing current event, and collaborate to get them produced. This includes infographics, social media graphics, social media campaigns, videos, event graphics/promotional materials, etc.

If you have unfinished content, you can bring it to the group and CWG can assist you in finishing it. We can review and give advice on your content, or if time allows, help you go through and make needed edits.

If you have an idea for potential content, you can bring that to the group for feedback and discussion of how to make your idea a reality. If time allows, we can begin the outline of your idea as a group.

If you have content that is ready for review, the group can look it over and make creative suggestions. Those edits can be done during the meeting if time permits or can be noted and worked on after the meeting ends. 

About the WHN Creative Working Group

The WHN Creative Working Group is a branch of the Communications Division whose members work with WHN members on creative content.

”I want to work with the Creative Working Group—how do I contact them about my ideas?”

Come to a meeting

The best way to share your idea is to come to a Creative Working Group meeting, Wednesdays at 3PM ET in the #creative-working-group Slack Channel. Bring any materials that are important for describing what you are interested in creating. 

Sending an idea sketch – Slack

All members and teams can submit their creative idea to the Creative Working Group by visiting our new slack channel: #creative-working-group-contentdrop. Once there, you should follow the “Template for Submissions to the WHN Creative Team” (below) to construct a post describing your idea and current stage in the creative process, upload and attach any relevant documents OR provide links with editing permissions to any relevant documents, then hit “send” to submit the information. The “send” button is the arrow icon in the bottom right corner of the submission box on slack. 

If you use this method to submit, someone from the Creative Team will reach out to you about your submission via Slack direct message

Template for Submissions to the WHN Creative Working Group

  1. Name(s) of Creator(s):
    • optional: provide any information you would like the audience to know about the creator(s), for example, professional titles (e.g. “Jane Doe, BSc” or “Doe Jane, CPA”) or identities/roles describing expertise from experience (e.g. “disabled person” or “activist”)
  2. Contact Information for the Primary Creator:
    • email (required) –
    • phone/SMS – 
    • other – 
  3. Purpose/Goal of the Publication/Content/Campaign:
  4. Intended distribution channels (Twitter, Instagram, website, etc.):
  5. Intended Audience:
  6. Software being used to create content:
  7. Do you need help finishing the content? (Yes / No)
  8. Do you need help starting the content? (Yes / No)
  9. Are you seeking a collaborator for your publication/content? (Yes / No):
    • If yes, what are you looking for in a collaborator?
    • My ideal collaborator would have the following skills:
  10. Please provide a brief description of your content/content idea:
Last reviewed on June 20, 2023

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