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Meet Our Grow Awareness Team

Leslie Chu
Leslie Chu
Leslie Chu (M.S.T. 2005, M.F.A. 2011) is an essayist, accidental translator, and former copy editor. Her writing explores the intersections of language, science, and cultural inheritance. She has written and edited for various newspapers and has taught writing at the secondary school and university level.
Shea O’Neil
Creator of COVID-conscious messaging through writing, advocacy, and networking. BA in Psychology from USF, with over 11 years of continued education in allergy, asthma, autoimmune disease, and airborne irritants. Four years of work experience in supervision, behavioral health, and conducting incident report reviews and staffing.
Katie Marsh
Katie Marsh coordinates World Health Network community efforts and events. She earned her B.A. from Clark University in Psychology and Evolutionary Biology. She is a trained Open Dialogue Facilitator. Katie has spend most of her career managing human service non-profit programs, teams and community outreach.
Heather Sue Rosen
Heather Sue Rosen (she/they/Dr) is a postdoctoral scholar specializing in health beliefs, deviant behavior, and computational approaches to social network analysis. Her research has examined patient experiences in healthcare, the connection between depression and disability, and the expression of beliefs about disability, COVID-19 risk, and prevention online. Her current research includes an interdisciplinary collaboration focused on COVID-19 risk assessment.
Last reviewed on March 26, 2024

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