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  • Zero Covid
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    The John Snow Memorandum calls for controlling community spread of COVID-19, allowing life to quickly return to near-normal. Dozens of countries are succeeding at containing COVID-19 already.

    The case for No-COVID: “After more than 2 million deaths worldwide, perhaps there is an emerging agreement that the elimination of this coronavirus is not only necessary but also achievable.”—Richard Horton, Editor of The Lancet, referring to the No-COVID green zone strategy

    All countries should pursue a COVID-19 elimination strategy: here are 16 reasons why: “Countries trying to eliminate the virus have been far more successful and economically better off than those that have tried to suppress it”—Michael Baker and Martin McKee, citing the BMJ article Elimination could be the optimal response strategy for COVID-19 and other emerging pandemic diseases

    Contain COVID-19: A joint statement of scientists from all across Europe.

    Aiming for zero COVID-19: Europe needs to take action: “While controlling the virus across Europe seems to be a daunting task, it can be achieved by defining common public health measures and standards that aim at achieving and then protecting green zones.”
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