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Clean Air Pledge

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Each business featured on the WHN Clean Air Pledge Map has pledged the following.

We acknowledge that indoor air quality significantly influences Health, and that clean indoor air has a significant role in reducing the transmission of viruses, bacteria, mold, and pollution that staff, patients, students, or customers are exposed to.

We consider – as part of the public and private sectors – that we can positively influence the trajectory of health conditions by using the proper solutions and mitigation strategies since airborne transmission is a key driver of many diseases (such as COVID-19, Influenza, measles, and many others).

The Clean Air Pledge signals to all that we intend to do what is right to keep people safe and healthy while in our spaces. 

We have reviewed the below statements and identified the specific pledges corresponding to our situation: 

  1. We pledge to ventilate our indoor space with 
    – A minimum of six Air Changes per Hour (6 ACH) with Outdoor Air Y/N
    – A minimum of twelve Air Changes per Hour (12 ACH) with Clean Air (i.e., the combination of outdoor air and indoor HEPA air filtration) Y/N
  1. We pledge to use high-efficiency filtration in our indoor spaces
    – HEPA filters Y/N
    – MERV-13 or better Y/N 
  1. We pledge to:
    – Monitor the CO2 levels in our indoor spaces Y/N
    – We pledge to keep CO2 levels below this value (check the corresponding box) in our indoor spaces:
900 ppm800 ppm700 ppm600 ppm

We will ensure the necessary indoor air quality improvements at the time of taking the pledge and continue to make improvements thereafter for people’s safety and health.

In the spirit of collaboration, we will strongly encourage our clients, partners, or members to consider setting similar practices and solutions. We commit to working with the World Health Network to promote Clean Air solutions and provide feedback from within our organizations and with others in our networks. 

Last reviewed on November 30, 2023

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