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Shu-Ti Chiou, MD, PhD

Shu-Ti Chiou, MD, PhD

Epidemiologist and medical doctor

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Shu-Ti Chiou, MD, PhD, MSc

Prof. Shu-Ti Chiou, a specialist of Family Medicine & Ph.D. in epidemiology, is currently a globally elected member of the Executive Board of International Union for Health Promotion and Education; the Founding President of Health and Sustainable Development Foundation; associate editor of Global Health Promotion (an SSCI journal); Chair of International Task Force on Health Promoting Hospitals and Age-Friendly Health Care; President of the Association of Top Ten Outstanding Young Women of Republic of China, and Adjunct Professor of global health, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University, Taipei.

Prof. Chiou is the former Director-General of Health Promotion Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare, Taiwan 2009-2016; former Health Commissioner of Taipei City 2001-2003; former Director of Bureau of Health, Yi-lan County 1996-2001, former Global Vice President for Capacity Building of International Union for Health Promotion and Education 2019-2022, and former Chair of Governance Board, International Network of Health Promoting Hospitals & Health Services 2012-2014.

She initiated several pioneering programs in health promotion & in healthcare delivery reform in Taiwan, including Taipei Healthy City Project, nationwide age-friendly city initiative, comprehensive national cancer control plan, legislation to protect breastfeeding in public places, elimination of trans fat, ban of marketing of junk foods towards children, etc. She developed the largest network of health promoting hospitals, and the first age-friendly healthcare recognition program in the world. She was at the frontline while the global SARS outbreak attacked Taipei City in 2003.

Prof. Chiou’s research interest is on evidence-based policy development and evaluation. She received many honorable awards such as the Distinguished Achievement Award for Outstanding Civil Servants (1999), model civil servants (1999, 2012) and the Award for Top Ten Outstanding Young Women in Taiwan (2000).

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