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Rae Duncan, MD FRCP

Rae Duncan, MD FRCP


Expert’s bio

Dr Duncan is a Consultant Cardiologist at Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust in the United Kingdom and an Honorary Senior Lecturer at the University of Newcastle UK. In addition to working in the field of cardiovascular medicine for over 20 years, she also has a degree in infectious diseases and two postgraduate degrees in cardiovascular research. Dr Duncan is a former BSE Research Investigator Winner and a former RCP Presidents Gold Medal Award finalist.

At the start of the pandemic Dr Duncan was rerolled to work with Covid patients. She has helped run an acute covid ward and runs a long covid cardiovascular complications clinic and since August 2020 has been caring for long covid patients.

As a mother herself she has been extremely concerned about the lack of public health infection prevention and control measures in many countries and the resultant impact repeated SARS CoV-2 infections are having on children and young adults. In her free time she volunteers as a medical champion for the Long Covid Kids Charity and is a strong advocate for clean air in schools, hospitals and public buildings. She was also recently invited by leading Australian Covid Scientists to participate in the making of a COVID Safety for Schools Course which was launched for Australian schools earlier this year.

Dr Duncan has a keen interest in long covid research and is a member of the Long Covid International Research Collaboration (TeamClots). Through this work she has authored several long covid treatment trials and is the recipient of a £2 million Research Grant from Kanro to co-lead on long covid research in children.

Dr Duncan also works as an educator and has run and lectured on several courses & webinars both regionally, nationally and internationally in the field of both cardiology and long covid. She has given invited post covid condition research updates at the 4SD/WHO COVID online briefings and gave invited expert witness testimony to the UK All Party Parliamentary Group on Coronavirus along with invited advice and recommendations to the UK Government. Latterly she has worked in a voluntary capacity as an invited long covid advisor to BBC World Service and as an invited medical/scientific advisor to the Covid Policy Development Group for the UK Green Political Party.

Dr Duncan was a Unite Health International COVID-19 award finalist and is the recipient of an ACCIA National Clinical Impact Award for her ongoing work in the field of long COVID.

She is a strong advocate for public health protections such as clean air to reduce the risk of disability from repeated SARS CoV 2 infections, and a strong advocate for raising awareness of long covid and improving research, investigation and treatment for those already living with this debilitating disease.